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An important announcement for readers, authors and libraries (August 2000)

1. Change of publisher and merger of the journals

At its meeting in May 1999, the Board of Directors of Astronomy & Astrophysics took two important decisions.
  • From 1st January 2001, the Main Journal will be published by EDP Sciences, who has published the Supplement Series since 1980.
  • From 1st January 2001, the Supplement Series will be merged with the Main Journal.
The Supplement Series was started in 1970 to publish papers with large amounts of tables or figures. Since 1994 long tables have not been published on paper, but have been stored electronically at the Centre de Donnies Stellaire at Strasbourg. In this way the material is made available to readers in computer readable form, which they can use for further work. Partly because of this change, the number of papers submitted to the Supplement Series in the last few years has been declining. The advent of electronic publishing, together with the electronic storage of tables, has removed the need for a Supplement Series. It is expected that the new merged journal will appear four times per month.

The new contract with EDP Sciences for the publication of the Main Journal has now been signed. Library subscriptions for the new Main Journal per 100 pages will be significantly lower than for the old Main Journal and Supplement Series. The actual library subscription for the Main Journal in 2001 will depend on the number of pages to be published. The Board of Directors will decide this at its meeting in May 2000. If the combined Main Journal publishes the same number of pages in the year 2001 as will be published in the Main Journal and the Supplement Series in the year 2000, then a library which subscribes this year to both journals will pay 18% less next year. A library, which this year takes only the Main Journal, will pay 11% more for the combined Main Journal.

New LaTeX macros will become available after the summer. There will be little difference for the authors.

The Board of Directors of Astronomy & Astrophysics would like to thank Springer, the publisher of the Main Journal from 1969 to 2000, for its past services.

2. New websites

There are now three new websites available for the journal.

The Board of Directors of Astronomy & Astrophysics now has its own domain and website http://www.aanda.org/
On this website you can find details of the Board of Directors and their work.

The Editorial Offices have websites, which give instructions to authors about submitting their papers. They are

These are in addition to the existing websites which are

Main Journal

Supplement series



Centre de Donnies Astronomique de Strasbourg (CDS)

3. Publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics is now very fast

In 1999 the times were as follows:

For all the published Letters,
10% are accepted after 13 days,
20% are accepted after 18 days,
50% are accepted after 37 days,
80% are accepted after 65 days.

The median time between acceptance and publication is 35 days.

For all the published papers,
10% were accepted within 38 days,
20% were accepted within 54 days,
50% were accepted within 93 days,
80% were accepted within 152 days.

After the acceptance of the papers,
20% are published within 56 days,
50% are published within 69 days,
80% are published within 85 days.

Aa. Sandqvist, Chairman
A.G. Hearn, Vice Chairman

Copyright The European Southern Observatory (ESO)