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From the Publisher: new online version of A&A (April 2003)

We are very pleased to inform you that the new online version of A&A is now available from issue 402-2 onwards.
Keeping all the features of the previous online version (various full-text formats, abstracts and references, ...), we have improved the full HTML version for better ergonomics and increased clarity.

The whole article is now displayed on one single HTML page including direct access to:

  • sections of the article
  • list of figures
  • list of tables
  • online material
  • SIMBAD objects
  • CDS tables
  • table of contents of the relevant issue.

To improve access to scientific data, LaTeX source of tables are now released.

This new version has been designed by EDP Sciences following the specifications of the Editorial Board of A&A to improve the transmission of scientific works.
Hoping that you will be satisfied with this new version, we would like to thank our audience for its past and future comments, helping us to improve the quality of the online version of Astronomy & Astrophysics.

EDP Sciences