EDP Sciences

Special Letters Edition issue on First science with INTEGRAL (October 2003)

See table of contents of the relevant issue (411-1)

This Special Letters Issue features the INTEGRAL observatory. About one year after its successful launch, this series of 75 publications describe the mission, the various instruments and their performance,as well as first scientific results from the spacecraft, ranging from gamma-ray bursts to Galactic sources. In order to produce this issue in time, all parties involved have worked under great time pressure. I would like to thank the authors and referees of these articles for meeting such stringent deadlines and for their cooperative attitude, and our publisher, EDP Sciences, for their support and flexibility. A special thanks goes to Hendrik Hildebrandt, Michael Mertens, and Tim Schrabback for their particular dedication during the preparation of this Issue, working many hours overtime to get that many Letters processed within two months (and in many cases, on even much shorter time-scale). Furthermore, I thank Dr. Thierry Courvoisier for his help during the preparation of this Issue.

Bonn, Sept. 24, 2003
Peter Schneider