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A&A Special Feature - The XXL Survey: First results (June 2016)

Astronomy & Astrophysics is pleased to announce publication of the complete version of the XXL Survey special feature. A first series of papers and a press release were issued last December, and we are now publishing the final series of twelve papers. XXL is a large survey of the X-ray sky with the XMM-Newton ESA observatory. Its goal is to detect a few hundreds of clusters at a look-back time when the age of the Universe was about half its present value. The ensemble of results published in this A&A special feature shed light on the evolutionary properties and spatial distribution of the massive structures of the universe and, subsequently, on various cosmological properties.

A&A Special Feature - The XXL Survey: First results
"XXL-S field, XMM view. "181 XMM observations (30 arcmin FOV) ~ 10 ks each. 12 000 AGN and 200 galaxy clusters (red circles) are detected in this image.” (XXL Collaboration, S. Snowden, L. Facciolo, F. Pacaud).

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