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irts. Thes suggest the presence of either recent ongoing and/or prolonged star formation episodes, shedding new light on the evolution of these systems.<i>Aims. <i/>We aim at understanding the evolutionary path[s] of these early-type galaxies and the mechanisms at the origin of their UV-bright structures. We investigate with 8 pick_search"sudi>velengh the link between the inner and outer galaxy regions of a set of 11 early-type galaxies that were selected because of their nearly passive stage of evolution in the nuclear region.<i>Methods. <i/>This paper, second of a series, focuses on the information coming from the comparison between UV features detected by <i>Swift<i/>-UVOT, which trac8 pick_search"sudi>star form the galaxy optical structure, which maps older stellar populations. We performed a surface photometric study of theseg"> g"> < 2634 Å <ponavtitle> si"/te-d aa29W2con-svg-sub&gÅtponavtitle> si"/te-d aa29λpoub>0 sublcon-svg,tponavtitle> si"/te-d aa29M2con-svg-s>Åtponavtitle> si"/te-d aa29λpoub>0 sublcon-svg,tponavtitle> si"/te-d aa29W1con-svg-srateÅtponavtitle> si"/te-d aa29λpoub>0 sublcon-svgUVOT UV fUBVn the li We ne the overall galaxy structure that best fits the UV and optical luminosity profiles using a single Sérsic law.<i>Results. <i/>The galaxies NGC 1366, NGC 1426, NGC 3818, NGC 3962, and NGC 7192 show featureless luminosity profiles. Excluding NGC 1366, which has a clear edge-oédisk (<8 pick_search"sudi>t;i/> tand NGC 3818, the remaining three galaxies have Sérsic’s indices <i>n<i/> ≈ 3−4 in the optical and a lower index in the UV. Bright ringponavtitle> si"/te-d aa29nn≈ 1−2con-svgevealed by UV images and luminosity profiles of NGC édisk’ 1533, NGCponavtitle> si"/te-d aa29nn≈ 3−4con-svgUIC 2006. The ring- or arm-like structures differ from galaxy to galaxy. Sérsic indices of UV profiles for these galaxies are in the range <i>n<i/> = 1.5−3 both in S0s and in galaxies classified as bona fide ellipticals, such as NGC 2974 and IC-oédisk note that in our sample optical Sérsic indices are usuallponavtitle> si"/te-d aa29nnUV in−3con-svgU. (<i>M<i/>2−<i>V<i/>) color profiles are bluer in ring- or arm-like structures than in the galaxy body.&édisk note thions. <i/>The lower values of Sérsic ponavtitle> si"/te-d aa29M2−Vcon-svgeal bands, suggesting the presence of a disk, point out that the role of the dissip8 pick_search"sudi>irt be neglec tanevolutionary phasédisk note thly-type galaxies."> oldssKey /rsss: f="/comme="prism.keyword" content="galaxies: e / me="prism.//www.aanda.org/articl / tml"> < 30%{ sup"⋆{ sup"rspv> n;i/av ll7/06/.publicCDS withta nyms"> ftpname title="Simbad Objects">Simbad Obje">Recommend this abjects">Simbad Objee"> c ptitle="Simbad O130.79.128.5">Recommend this a130.79.128.5e"> )of awith title="Simbad Objects">Simbad Objects
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