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  • >The Mion line is visible in the optical band for intermediate redshift quasars (0.4 < <i&r iou-s ico-msing e-maezit is thubscribes an extremely important tool to measure the black hole mass and to understand the structure of the Broad line region (BLR).<i>Aims. hp> ;We aimine the substructure and the variability of the Mg II line with the aim to identify which part of the line comes from a medium in Keplerian motion.<i>Method hp> >Usingern African Large Telescope (SALT) with the Robert Stobie Spectrograph (RSS) we performed ten spectroscopic observations of quasar HE 0435-4312 (<i>z<ir iou-s ico-msing e-maezia periodbscribes f three years (Dec. 23/24, 2012 to Dec. 7/8, 2015).<i>Result hp> >Both line and the Fe II pseudo-continuum increase with time. We clearly detect the systematic shift of the Mg II line with respect to the Fe II over the years, corresponding to the acceleration of 104 ± 14 km r iou-s ico-msing e-mae kquasa>vp section bookotemp
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