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Fig. 41


Constraints on the self-annihilation cross-section at recombination, σν ⟩ z, times the efficiency parameter, feff (Eq. (81)). The blue area shows the parameter space excluded by the PlanckTT,TE,EE+lowP data at 95% CL. The yellow line indicates the constraint using WMAP9 data. The dashed green line delineates the region ultimately accessible to a cosmic-variance-limited experiment with angular resolution comparable to that of Planck. The horizontal red band includes the values of the thermal-relic cross-section multiplied by the appropriate feff for different DM annihilation channels. The dark grey circles show the best-fit DM models for the PAMELA/AMS-02/Fermi cosmic-ray excesses, as calculated in Cholis & Hooper (2013, caption of their figure 6). The light grey stars show the best-fit DM models for the Fermi Galactic centre γ-ray excess, as calculated by Calore et al. (2015, their tables I, II, and III), with the light grey area indicating the astrophysical uncertainties on the best-fit cross-sections.