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Fig. 33


68% and 95% constraints from Planck TT+lowP (green), Planck TT+lowP+lensing (grey), and Planck TT+lowP+lensing+BAO (red) on the late-Universe parameters H0, σ8, and Ωm in various neutrino extensions of the base ΛCDM model. The blue contours show the base ΛCDM constraints from Planck TT+lowP+lensing+BAO. The dashed cyan contours show joint constraints from the H13 CFHTLenS galaxy weak lensing likelihood (with angular cuts as in Fig. 18) at constant CMB acoustic scale θMC (fixed to the Planck TT+lowP ΛCDM best fit) combined with BAO and the Hubble constant measurement of Eq. (30). These additional constraints break large parameter degeneracies in the weak lensing likelihood that would otherwise obscure the comparison with the Planck contours. Here priors on other parameters applied to the CFHTLenS analysis are as described in Sect. 5.5.2.