EDP Sciences
Volume 598, February 2017
Article Number A118
Number of page(s) 29
Section Interstellar and circumstellar matter
DOI https://doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361/201628472
Published online 10 February 2017
52;nchen, Germany
5 Kapteyn Research Centre 5#8217;Observatoire, CS t33; de Toul6>
52;nchen, Germany medex 4re for As. de l’7itéPinte"> 6 Laboratoire Lagrange, Univer8a@irap.ostitution" content="Univ. Grenoble Alpes, IPAG; CNRS, IPAG,titute8000 Grenoble, France"> nivers sity of Vieance">nge, Univer9a@irap.omp.thor_institution" content="Konnkoly OObserva atory, Rese="Univ. ge, Univer Laontent="Departamento dde Fí name="ciórica, ge, Univer< Hungarytent="P. Pinilla"> Lao_institution"class=6;ntent="Núcleeo de A Astronomía, re Lagrange, Univer-Saavedr Nup> 0;thor" content="Ctitute800dovin-Saavedra"> nge, Univer
nsition disk around the Herbig AAe starchen, Germany
1Receagra: louse, tatimentse, e, Uni
1AccPAGra: louse, 15 SPAGrumstese, e/p e-mail: an1 origin. ims. <i/>We seek to constrain the surface density of warm gas in the inner disk of HD 139614, an accreting 9 Myr Herbig Ae saap a (preon disk exhibiting a dust gap from 2.3 ± 0.1 to 5.3 ± 0.3 AU. <i>Methods. <i/>We observed HD 139614 with ESO/VLT CRIRES and obtained high-resolution (<i>R<ni
-vibratioon at 4.7 <i>μ<i/>m. We derived constraints on the disk’sni
Rng tlouse, 0 t3301;O isotopolog line-profiles, the spectroastrometricni
μlouse, tional diagrams using grids of flat K t33; derian disk models. <i>Results. <i/>We detected <i>υ<i/> = 1 → 0 <sup>12<sup/>CO, 2→1 <sup>12<sup/>CO, 1→aap >13<on 1→0 C&lni
υp in t3594; 0 niver< Hungarlouse, />ni
υp in t3594; 0 egion from 1 to 15 AU. <sup>13 t3301;sni
K colder, 1 and 4 km s<sup>-1<sup/>ni
υp in t3594; 0 Rn t3805; 6louse, ; must hani
υp in t3594; 0
s surface density (<i>δ<i/><sub>gas<sub/>) at <i>R<i/> < 5–6 AU is required to be able to simultaneously reproduce thni
δlsub>5.3Hungb Rn s wit
δlsub>5.3Hungb Rn s wi6louse, ; m;H<sub/> = 3 × 10<sup>19<sup/>−10<sup>21&lni
Rn s wi6louse, ; m;e gni
Nlsub>HHungb lt;sutit15; Nlsub>COHungb lt;Nlsub>HHungb louse, ; ≤ 1 AU ofni
σlouse, <sup/> cm<sup>-2<sup/&gni
Nlsub>COHungb louse, &herni
Rn t3804; 1louse, ; m;e gni
Nlsub>HHungb l t3804; 5utit15; 6 AU in HD very different from that of a primordial disk. The gas surface density in the disk at <i>ni
Rn t3804; 6louse, ; m;H< <i>R<i/> < 6 AU is significantly lower than the surface density that would be expni
Rn t3804; 1louse, ; m;of HD 1ni
Rn s wi6louse, ; m;H&li>M<i/><sub>⊙<sub/> yr<sup>-1<sup/>) assuming a standard viscous <ni
Mlsub> t3857;Hungb louse, t3301;yrni
αlouse, uggest the presence of an embedded <2 <i>M<i/><sub>J<sub/> planet at around 4 AU."> Mlsub>JHungb louse, &; Astrophysics"> n i
1Key 8472s: louse, iv class="separator">/ echniques: spectroscopic>/ stars: variables: T Tauri, Herbig>/ ="https://www.aanda.org/a>/ echniqul"> irap t3hi e-mail: an"/stnent3 UBLIWe derivoname="cs.tertoggt;sup/ at 1 &VLTIvariam. W(Pinte"> ) 10<iv issi 091.C-0671(B).e/p e eer' issuon/rss0.205span>irap t3hi e-mail: an"/stnenPa paratoras dertamential bee<on mode2;lt;su sur=10.ratESO t33; deririd,te df a it
toad i;-1tch Centre s:/umetor_instit(koly),Observatory, Resefor As. C> toad i;-(>2 Konkoly Observatoy, Researc Centrefor As.e/p e e e ep" i>©ruary 2017lop>A&A 59Issue
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