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Coordinated observation of local interstellar Helium ... (9 September 2004)

Coordinated observation of local interstellar Helium in the Heliosphere

Released on September 9th, 2004

Press Release on the special series of seven articles:
"Coordinated observation of local interstellar helium in the Heliosphere"

Series of articles published in Astronomy & Astrophysics.
Direct link to special series online (Vol. 426 No. 3).

ESA Press Release

NASA Press Release

Original A&A article

Determination of the interstellar Helium parameters using
the gas flow through the inner Heliosphere.

  • Overview article:
    Synopsis of the interstellar He parameters from combined neutral gas, pickup ion and UV scattering observations and related consequences, by E. Möbius, M. Bzowski, S. Chalov, H.-J. Fahr, G. Gloeckler, V. Izmodenov, R. Kallenbach, R. Lallement, D. McMullin, H. Noda, M. Oka, A. Pauluhn, J. Raymond, D. Rucinski, R. Skoug, T. Terasawa, W. Thompson, J. Vallerga, R. von Steiger, and M. Witte.
  • Kinetic parameters of interstellar neutral Helium: Review of results obtained during one solar cycle with Ulysses GAS, by M. Witte

  • Observations of the Helium focusing cone with pickup ions, by G. Gloeckler, E. Möbius, J. Geiss, M. Bzowski, H. Noda, T. Terasawa, M. Oka, D. McMullin, S. Chalov, H. Fahr, D. Rucinski, R. von Steiger, A. Yamazaki, and T. Zurbuchen

  • EUVE observations of the Helium glow: Interstellar and solar parameters, by J. Vallerga, R. Lallement, J. Raymond, M. Lemoine, B. Flynn, F. Dalaudier, and D. McMullin

  • Solar cycle dependence of the Helium focusing cone from SOHO/UVCS observations, by R. Lallement, J. Raymond, J.-L. Bertaux, E. Quemarais, Y.-K. Ko, M. Uzzo, D. McMullin, and D. Rucinski

  • Modelling the interstellar-interplanetary Helium 58.4 nm resonance glow: Towards reconciliation with particle measurements, by R. Lallement, J.C. Raymond, J. Vallerga, M. Lemoine, F. Dalaudier, and J.L. Bertaux

  • Heliospheric conditions that affect the interstellar gas inside the Heliosphere, by D.R. McMullin, M. Bzowski, E. Möbius, A. Pauluhn, R. Skoug, W. T. Thompson, M. Witte, R. von Steiger, D. Rucinski, M. Banaszkiewicz and R. Lallement