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Molecular outflow launched beyond the disk around a young star
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A new approach to forecasting solar flares?
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    Volume 603 (July 2017)(current volume)

    (1) Differential rotation from oscillations in KIC 6116048 (Nielsen, M. B., et al, 603, A6)
    (2) 3-D joule heating events in a solar MHD simulation (Kanella, C., & Gudiksen, B. V., 603, A83)
    (3) Organic molecules in UV-irradiated gas (the Orion Bar) (Cuadrado, S., et al., 603, A124)

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    Volume 602 (June 2017)

    (1) Radio image of a part of the COSMOS field with the VLA overlayed (VLA image courtesy of NRAO/AUI) (Smolčić, V., et al., 602, A1)
    (2) Spitzer and PdBI views of the Cep E outflow (Gusdorf, A., et al., 602, A8)
    (3) Halpha image of the jet in the symbiotic binary R Aqr (Schmid, H. M., et al., 602, A53)
    (4) First light for GRAVITY at the ESO VLTI (GRAVITY Collaboration, 602, A94)

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    Volume 601 (May 2017)

    (1) Distribution of carbon chains in the outflow of a dying star (Agúndez, M., et al., 601, A4)
    (2) Identified species in the Red Square Nebula (Wehres, N., et al., 601, A69)
    (3) Molecular gas emission in different Galactic arms mapped with the SEDIGISM survey (Schuller, F., et al., 601, A124)
    (4) The Giant Molecular Cloud population in the nearby spiral galaxy M 33 (Corbelli, E., et al., 601, A146)

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    Volume 600 (April 2017)

    (1) NGC 628 with flow lines showing the ordered magnetic field (Mulcahy, D. D., et al., 600, A6)
    (2) HST image of the gravitational wave recoiling QSO 3C186 (Chiaberge, M., et al., 2017, A&A, 600, A57)
    (3) Evolution of flaring loops on the accretion disk of a IPCV (Barbera, E., et al., 600, A105)
    (4) Simulated time-variable surface features on a cool giant (Freytag, B., et al., 600, A137)